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                                                               Welcome to the Envy

We are a fresh and upcoming, drama free guild. We hold events often and reward our members for their loyalty and activity. If your seeking somewhere to test your abilities as well as learn and grow, then this is the place to for it. If you wish to experience Envy Us check out the recruitment section or PM Ultima Perfection in game for further details on us. Feel free to roam our domain and enjoy.




Sky Temptress, Feb 24, 12 1:06 AM.
Changes will be made to guild within the next few weeks bare with us while we make them. We have many ideas to make guild a lot more active thank you to the loyal members who have stayed with us and we hope you enjoy the changes to come.

Mass recruiting
More activities
More events
More event prizes
More WoE activity
New forum games
New graphics
A post on RO guild recruiting forums
Chars moved from main to alt
Loyal members getting invite capability
Guild alliances changed

We do want to push WoE but the main focus is indeed having fun with guildies.

Hope everyone has been enjoying the Cedi provided by blackMystical please remember to thank him for any gear you receive since he is spending his own money on this.

New guild town

Liquid Ultima, Feb 16, 12 9:15 PM.
‚ÄčAlright people well we've been looking for a new guild town and by popular demand we finally have one! xD Our new guild home will be the town of Gonryun aka @go11 so now that you all know, see y'all there ^.~


Sky Temptress, Feb 7, 12 1:50 PM.
Hope everyone enjoyed the cedi party, we used about 3000 points, maybe next time we can get some good items lol


Sky Temptress, Feb 3, 12 3:08 PM.
New forum thread updates:
Ranked - Recruting*

Good job on cedi everyone great first couple runs and congrats to those who won prizes!

Keep up the good work everyone! And keep leveling!

New Guild extensions! xD

Liquid Ultima, Jan 27, 12 11:10 AM.
xD So by popular demand we now have an alt guild if any of you would like to add some side characters to it just PM one of Flawed's igc's to get an invite.We also now have a baby guild for fun if anybody is interested in that xD
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